Auction House Buddy


Used Tech

  • Fullstack
  • Vue
  • Vuetify
  • TailwindCSS
  • Pinia
  • Go
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker

Cross-Realm Auction House Analysis Tool for World of Warcraft

As a passionate gamer deeply immersed in the World of Warcraft (WoW) universe, I've recognized a compelling opportunity to enhance the trading experience within the game's Auction House feature. Leveraging the recent update allowing cross-realm trading, I've conceptualized and developed an advanced tool that revolutionizes how players engage in item trading across different servers. This comprehensive tool not only facilitates seamless cross-realm trading but also provides invaluable insights and features to empower players in their quest for in-game riches.

My motivation behind this project stems from my personal experience as a WoW player and an active participant in the in-game economy. With the introduction of cross-realm trading, there is now a new dimension to explore in terms of arbitrage opportunities between servers. However, the lack of a centralized platform or tool to analyze item prices across different servers poses a significant challenge. Therefore, I saw an opportunity to develop a tool that not only streamlines this process but also enhances the overall gaming experience for players like myself who enjoy delving into the economic aspects of the game.

Some of the features:

  • Cross-Realm Price Comparison: The tool offers a sophisticated cross-realm price comparison feature, enabling users to effortlessly compare item prices across different servers within the WoW universe. By providing real-time data on item prices, trends, and historical data, players can make informed decisions to maximize their profits.
  • Real-Time Data Updates: Stay ahead of the game with the tool's real-time data updates, ensuring users have access to the most current market information. Whether it's monitoring price fluctuations or identifying emerging trends, the tool keeps players informed every step of the way.
  • Customizable Alerts and Watchlist: Never miss out on a profitable deal with customizable alerts and a watchlist feature. Users can set up alerts for specific items, specifying a maximum price threshold. If an item is listed below the defined price, users receive a Discord notification, ensuring they never miss a golden opportunity.
  • Discord Bot Integration: The tool's Discord bot seamlessly integrates with the application, providing users with convenient access to real-time updates, alerts, and trading insights directly within their Discord server. With intuitive commands and interactive features, the Discord bot enhances user engagement and accessibility.
  • Authentication via Discord: Seamlessly integrate with Discord for enhanced user authentication and engagement. By leveraging Discord authentication, users can securely access the tool and enjoy a personalized trading experience tailored to their preferences.

  • Additional Information:

  • Handling Over 6 Million Auctions per Hour: This tool efficiently fetches and handles over 6 million auctions per hour, ensuring users have access to a vast amount of data to inform their trading decisions.

In conclusion, the Cross-Realm Auction House Analysis Tool represents a significant advancement in the world of World of Warcraft trading. By combining cutting-edge features such as cross-realm price comparison, real-time data updates, customizable alerts and Discord integration, the tool empowers players to thrive in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the WoW economy. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality, the tool is poised to revolutionize how players engage in item trading, setting a new standard for excellence in the WoW gaming community.